Caring For The Needy Foundation

Our aim is to feed as much needy people in jamaica as much as we possible can.

We have 3 campaigns

Street Feeding, Mommy & Me & Elders Gift.






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Dear Reader,

Caring For The Needy Foundation – TM is a Non-Profit organization that soley depends on it’s donations to carry out projects such as purchasing grocery & toiletries for the elders and needy families. We are seeking grocery items such as Rice, Tin Products, Water, Juice, Baby Formula, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Diapers (adult & children) any donations given will be highly appreciated!


We are currently doing a campaign for raising funds in order to acquire groceries for those in need.

You can see our work on Facebook www.facebook.com/caringfortheneedy91 or Instagram @caringfortheneedyfoundation


Thank you for this platform to share our aim to “Create A Less Impoverished Jamaica & Creating A Better Jamaica!”

Founder @Python_Lifestyle

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