This quick video will explain what crowdfunding is.

Who is it for?

RealHelpinghands aims to introduce crowdfunding to the Caribbean by which individuals, charity organizations, and other entities can sign up to raise funds for a meaningful cause.

3 Easy Steps

1. Create

Click on Start a Campaign then fill out the form. Add a good featured image, a compelling story and a supporting video.

2. Share

Share your campaign by using social media, Whatsapp, local media, TV, radio, colleagues, friends, and family to assist with getting the word out.

3. Withdraw Funds

It is recommended that you keep your supporters updated and engaged until the end of your campaign. You can withdraw your funds raised at anytime.

Campaigning Perks

Social Sharing

Our crowdfunding platform allows for campaigners, donors and visitors to share the campaign(s) on various social media platforms at the click of a button.


Our crowdfunding platform allows campaigners to set up rewards for prospective backers to give them a chance at being rewarded for donating at the end of the campaign.

Live Video

Our crowdfunding platform allows the campaigners to add videos to their campaigns in order to enhance or better portray what they are trying to achieve.

Image Gallery

Our crowdfunding platform allows you to add supporting images to enhance the look of your campaign.







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