Women’s Support Ministry

Women support Ministry


I am Prophetess Deanne Preudhomme founder for the Women’s ministry.

The ministry was established September 12th, 2019. We connect through social media on our WatsApp group, Face book and zoom meetings. It is a formal group, where we set rules and guidelines and we include our co-values of the group. Additionally, we are Christ like Ambassadors bring souls to God’s kingdom.


To provide support and help individual who needs physical resources, mental and spiritual guidance. We also educated parents on child bearing.

Vision Statement:

To bring inspiration to the world and innovation to those are vulnerable. Additionally, our vision will be fulfilled by creating opportunities and resources for women to discover their gifts and to be empowered to fulfill their future purposes.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to advance the recognition, treatment, and development of minds, towards building a high self –esteem. To inspire, equip, support and discipline women to live in God’s purpose and serve the vulnerable in our country.



To advocate for those who don’t have a voice or afraid to speak out about abuse, ill-treatment and discomfort.

To strive to provide a safe environment that promotes learning, assessing the needs of vulnerable individuals and academic growth so that they can be able to face life stressors.

To educate the vulnerable and supporting them whole heartedly.

To diagnose vulnerable ones that needs help to meet their daily needs

Work with others in the community to advocate for the less fortunate.


Reasons why we formed our social group has been established:

  • To provide basic needs for families in communities
  • Train persons to deal with stressors such as; depression, and unemployment
  • Train single parents, especially “mothers” who cannot provide the basis needs for their families through collaborations through donors and sponsors.
  • To provide opportunities for young girls and boys who are unemployed. through the seed program.

With all efforts of teamwork our women will be positively created to stand independently against abuse, neglect and other social ills. We strive to make our community positive and to cultivate discipline and capture the lost.


Some of our Goals and objective are;

  • To identify the vulnerable individuals and give support to them
  • To motivate members through verbal communication
  • To support those that are less fortunate and those that struggle to meet their basic needs
  • To improve their skills and knowledge of how to cope with challenges
  • To provide an opportunity for persons to share personal experiences, thoughts and feelings and learning how to cope using positive strategies
  • To resolve family problems and help abuse cases.
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