Help Wallings Nature Reserve to have its own home

Help Wallings Nature Reserve Inc raise funds to purchase the land for its base of operations.

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, Antigua and Barbuda

In 2018 one young lady took a chance to create a conservation company to address the neglect an area in her community was facing. Wallings Nature Reserve Inc would have transformed the Wallings Forest Area into the first Community Managed National Park in Antigua and Barbuda. The company started under a 10 x 10 tent with porta potties until they received funds to renovate and expand an existing building on site to be used as administration. Wallings Nature Reserve Inc would have created the only restroom facility on site to cater to differently able persons.  Unique signage, maps and people on the ground to maintain a section of the last remaining rainforest was all done by the company and in 2022, we ranked as the 5th best Caribbean Attraction according to USA 10 Best.

The founder would have managed in 2022 to crop 4 awards, Woman innovator, Community Tourism, Leading light and Points of light award from the late her Majesty the Queen.

Wallings Nature Reserve Inc in 2022 came under the attack by the government of Antigua and Barbuda where the administration attempted to force the company to sign a non biding agreement that was not in favor of the company and its vision.  Wallings Nature Reserve Inc then moved from the Wallings Forest Area peacefully and removed anything bearing the company’s name , logo, brand, phone number, website and any other thing that could tie the company to the location, only to be dragged, and members of the company threatened by the government because of decision the company made to move peacefully.  The government has since cut off the locks on the buildings and replaced it with their own stating that the company should not be compensated for all the work they would have done to transform the area.

Wallings Nature Reserve Inc has found an area that our base of operations can be built and we need your assistance to purchase that piece of land. Wallings Nature Reserve Inc continues to assist the islands with conservation efforts especially in light of climate change.

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