Wanted: Your Help to Provide Quality Internet Service

Please help us provide quality internet connectivity to our students at Gaynstead High School.

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Kingston, Jamaica, Jamaica

Gaynstead High School is a government-aided institution (formerly private owned) which was founded in April 1941  by Mr. Morton St. George Gaynair. 

Our school is raising funds to upgrade the network infrastructure which will provide reliable high-speed broadband. Our school has a limited Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) budget and this has hampered our ability to provide quality education to students remotely.

Internet access is provided to the school buildings via DSL lines, which are slow and cannot handle the network load. Connectivity is limited that only a few devices can be simultaneously connected. In addition, our teachers are unable to conduct steady live streaming of classes. Consequently, our teachers, parents and students are frustrated by the school’s inability to access resources.

Due to our constrained resources, we are launching this campaign so that students can benefit from digital learning. Our goal is to raise $2 million dollars to install and finance a Direct Internet Access (DIA) for the school.

If we all play our part our teachers will be able to regularly integrate technology into their lessons and embrace blended learning models.

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Gabrielle Morgan $100.00 February 09, 2021
Judine Thomas-Shorter $20.00 February 09, 2021


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