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, Barbados

I have started this fundraising campaign for my friend Trudi Brathwaite. Trudi is scheduled to have surgery on her knee on August 22, 2023, to repair damage done to her left knee. This specific procedure is called a left knee meniscus debridement/repair. We are seeking your assistance to raise funds for the cost of the surgery and any therapy she will need after. The total cost is $US10,000. This surgery is desperately needed as basic tasks such as walking, has become difficult for Trudi. Due to the tear, Trudi currently walks with a limp and wears a knee brace. We are hoping that after this procedure, Trudi will once again, be able to function/walk normally and even enjoy some of her favourite hobbies such as hiking, going to the gym and modelling. I am therefore appealing to you to help Trudi get back on her feet (literally), by donating to this worthy cause.

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Anonymous $10.00 August 15, 2023
Anonymous $55.00 August 15, 2023
Rochelle Walrond $15.00 August 03, 2023
Anonymous $5.00 August 03, 2023
Jason Durant $120.00 August 02, 2023
Kevin Beckles $250.00 July 27, 2023
Anonymous $5.00 July 26, 2023
Arnaldo Silva $120.00 July 23, 2023
Andrea Griffith $100.00 July 23, 2023
Micah Richards $20.00 July 22, 2023
Jo Hamilton $50.00 July 18, 2023
Anonymous $50.00 July 18, 2023
Anonymous $20.00 July 17, 2023
Brian Mamdeville $25.00 July 17, 2023
Anonymous $15.00 July 17, 2023


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