To get help with funds towards college and a device

To get funds towards college and a device.

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, Jamaica

I’m always a hard working child with hight achievements since started school..always maintain on the honor roll but since the Corona I got pushed back a little didn’t have any device to attend class nor internet. I didn’t attend school in grade 10.I did 10 subjects hoping with a pass for all because I placed alot of effort especially for the SBA’s.I used (1) month fo complete all SBA’s with good responses from teachers knowing that I did well…I had sleepless night putting out the extra effort because along with the SBA’s I always get homework and practice sheets .At one point i use to go to my bed at 5am staying up all night trying to complete school work and have to wake up back at 5:30 to get ready because school starts at 7:55 and transportation is not easy to get from my area.

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