Save jakes life! Jake needs emergency surgery

Our beloved 1-year-old German Shepherd puppy, jake, that we all love and cherish got hit by a car on March 10th, 2023 around 4:40 pm. The car that hit him continued to drag him for a few minutes, didn’t stop to help, and drove off. The driver continued to drag jake, crushing him, after impact with the intention of not letting him live. She eventually stopped because he was stuck in her front wheel. She eventually reversed to loosen jake before quickly driving off. She returned as we tend to jake who was bleeding profusely yelling and stating that she isn’t responsible before driving off again. We were unable to get her license plate. We have no way to find or contact the driver.


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Jake is fortunate enough that he survived the impact, although he is suffering from major injuries and is at risk of losing his life. His lungs have several contusions which cause difficulty in breathing. Jake’s front left leg is dislocated with tissue trauma. The surgery to correct the front leg ranges from $2,500-$3,000 USD. His back left leg is completely damaged with ligament, muscle, and deep tissue trauma. The injury is so extensive, his bone is visible without any remaining tissue for healing with a high risk of infection. BRUNO IS IN CRITICAL NEED OF SURGERY TO AMPUTATE HIS BACK LEG TO SAVE HIS LIFE. The stabilization and back leg surgical costs will be in the $3,000-$3,500 USD range depending on any complications and/or his length of post-op stay.


Jake is still very young and has a long and happy life ahead of him. But we need financial support to get Bruno on the road to recovery. JAKE IS INTELLIGENT, AFFECTIONATE, PLAYFUL, AND CARING. HE IS THE COMPANION TO A SPINAL CORD INJURY PATIENT WHO IS DEVASTED BY BRUNO’S INJURIES. BRUNO IS A SOURCE OF HAPPINESS NOT ONLY TO HIS COMPANION BUT TO ALL AROUND HIM. WE HOPE TO HELP HIM GET BACK TO HIS NORMAL SELF AFTER THIS TRAUMATIC ORDEAL so he can once again smile and bring his contagious smile to everyone that meets him. Your financial support will help Jake embark on his recovery journey.



His diagnostics, stabilization, and emergency hospital stay have already cost us out-of-pocket approximately $2000 USD. The total cost to save Jake’s life is approximately $10,000 USD. Beyond those costs, we’re anticipating costs for rehab and special equipment/supplies that Jake will need to regain mobility, which will take 4-8 weeks. His veterinary expenses are definitely unexpected and are adding up to a great amount. We are asking for help to pay for his back leg surgical costs.



Please help donate what you can and/or share jake’s story. No amount is too small. Jake and our family are very thankful for everyone’s support.❤




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