Mother of six(6) in need of house

Nicola is in need of proper housing for her and her six (6) children as her living condition is deplorable.

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, Jamaica

Nicola Williams of 6 Bloomwell District in Northern Clarendon is now living in a cramped and deplorable condition with her six (6) children. After the father of her first three children was killed, the family then built her a one room dwelling made from zinc and board and told her she could no longer stay in the house where she once lived. She now has three other children with the youngest being two (2) years old. With no proper kitchen and bathroom facilities, she suffices, along with no walking space in the bedroom, they pray that it doesn’t rain as they will get wet.

Nicola is seeking assistance with getting a proper dwelling for her and her children as well as a job so she can continue to help them. They also need devices for school.

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