Dealing with ALL cancer (Marvin Henry)

Please help my husband get a longer life for his family wife and kids.

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, Trinidad and Tobago

Firstly let me introduce myself.  My name is Risa Diaz-Henry wife of Marvin Henry and parent of three beautiful kids.  My husband was recently diagnosed with A.L.L cancer at the Sangre Grande hospital.  It was a long journey before he was diagnosed going from doctor to doctor within a month’s time and was treated for his heart and sciatic nerve.  He was admitted to the hospital following a visit from Medical Associates on the 5th of February 2021.  On arriving he was warded and scheduled to do a bone marrow biopsy the Monday right after doing the procedure the samples had to be taken to a private lab in St. Clair which cost $15,500.00 to send abroad to get tested because there is no facility in Trinidad to do that test.  The results came back on Thursday 11th February 2021 where we met with the doctor the next day.  Unfortunately, the results were not appealing to us and to him as he was now diagnosed with A.L.L cancer which has all to do with his bone marrow and blood.  Following the results, the doctor explained the severity of this illness and the time frame of his life and is in dire need of medical attention and has to go aboard to do the surgery as there are limited resources in T&T.  This process is of very high cost as some of our borders are closed. Presently this may cost 2 million tt dollars as we are trying to see if Colombia can assist in the clearance to travel there.  Any assistance granted towards this venture will be greatly appreciated.


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