Maisie’s Road To Recovery

Today is a wonderful day as we embark upon the opportunity of living for each other. I pray every day that my mother-in-law will receive the help she needs so that my wife Sonia can be less stress as she herself seek to chant a roadmap of service to others who are less fortunate.

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  My name is Sonia Rowe, the daughter of Maisie Smith. Maisie Smith was diagnosed with glaucoma, cataract and hearing impairment for more than seven years. Subsequently to that, she was made redundant from her job as a Domestic Engineer, and since then has found it difficult to cope with living and medical expenses. 

   Maisie is a sweet, humble, and a hard working woman who loves life, finds joy in the people she offers service to and enjoys her independence. At present she is in dire need of a new pair of hearing aids. Also her vision is seriously deteriorating and if not given immediate attention, things could get a lot worst.

   Please consider this a worthy cause, as you help Maisie on the road to recovery, in the hope of returning to activities she loves as well as regain her financial independence soon.

  Again thanks in advance for your kind assistance, blessings.

   Best Regards,

    Sonia Rowe


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