LGBTQIA+ Pride Party for the Community

This is a campaign for the LGBTQIA+ community in my country to have a safe, yet enjoyable event for Pride Month.

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, Grenada

Hello! I’m Freya, and I live in the Caribbean! On the Island which I reside, homophobia is common and therefore, resources for the community is very limited. As a member of the community, I find it difficult to socialize with others that are apart of it, and there are hardly any events.

Pride month is in June, and it is important for people to feel accepted and loved. I spent a long time speaking to friends and trying to find out about upcoming events; but to my amazement there are not any. This is why I have decided to host a community party. As I’m doing this for the community, I have decided to make this a free event. Therefore, members are not required to pay for tickets or food/drinks. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide everything on my own. I would very much like this party to be a safe and fun place, and would like to be able to provide entertainment, decorations, food/drinks, and a couple of giveaway pins and flags.

Thank you very much for reading, and I appreciate every one of your donations!

Love, Freya.

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