Spiritual Revival & Praise Mission

God has presented us with an amazing opportunity to journey to the Motherland. A Revival & Praise Mission. Leading the mission is “The Praise House Ministry, Dr. Marjorie McIntosh,  “The Breakthrough” Rev. Prophet Mark Canute Stewart and “The Remanent Ministry” Dr. Veronica Tracey  FROM JAMAICA TO USA TO GHANA.

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God has presented us with an amazing opportunity to journey to the Mother land. April 2023 Spring, The ancestral mission trip to Ghana through The Spiritual, Revival & Praise Mission. Leading the mission is “The Praise House Ministry, Dr. Marjorie McIntosh,  “ The Breakthrough Ministry” Rev. Prophet Mark Stewart and  “The Remanent Ministry” Dr. Veronica Tracey who will be leading the will of God into Ghana during Easter April 5th – 14th 2023. 

We are also inviting other denominations, Artist and friends to also join us on this invaluable mission.  In the book of Acts 13:47 says,  I have made you a light for the gentiles that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth. Revival & Praise Mission trip will help bring transformation to people’s lives and to the nations as a whole.  People will be saved, people will be encouraged, people will be delivered, people will be rejoicing in the mighty name and power of our Lord Jesus Christ, people spirit will be uplifted and cause them to rejoice in the wonderful work that the Lord has done.  We will spread the greatness of salvation through preaching of the gospel, inspirational singing and testimonies.  

OUR MISSION TO GHANA: During our visit, we will take on numerous tasks. Some of these include an evangelical tour, healing & deliverance, Praise and worship, women empowerment and a gospel concert as well as connecting to our ancestral linkage.  We are bursting with excitement and intent to carry out God’s great intentions. We know that the experience will serve not only those in the community we venturing to but all of us as well.  We hope to learn how to further the mission at home and bring back tales of how we have seen God work.

The biggest blessing that you can provide would be to include my team and me in your prayers. We ask that you pray for our safe travels, open hearts, the community and for each day to come with the chance to plant the seed of faith.  In addition, We will need to raise funds before February 2023. Please find it in your hearts and support us financially. We are also accepting other donations to help the children in villages and schools in Ghana. Thanking you all in advance for your support in each way.  You will be on the journey with us via social media platforms.  We intend to keep you updated with our activities while in Ghana. God bless you.

Rev. Prophet Mark Stewart commands his own Church as was mandated to him by the Lord. The Church is known worldwide as the Jamaica Restoration Breakthrough PHD Ministries and has gained recognition through its island-wide fasting and deliverance services on a weekly basis. The branches are in Mandeville, Manchester, Hunt’s Pen, Clarendon, Portmore, St. Catherine, and Top Hill, St. Elizabeth. Diploma in Theology (International University of the Caribbean)Diploma in Evangelism (Jamaica and the Caribbean School of Evangelism)National Evangelist for the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Dr. Marjorie Mcintosh; She’s a woman of God with desires and passions, who gave her life unconditionally to serve her God in faith and love. Dr. Marjorie was born in Jamaica and grew up in Westmoreland then migrated to the United States where she pursued her dream of being a Soul Winner for Jesus. Dr. Marjorie Mc.Intosh, an exceptional Producer, Singer, Composer, Counselor, Fund Raiser, Adviser and soul winning servant. Commitment to excellence and devoted her life to true worship and desires to be used to motivate, inspire and empower. Setting the gospel in motion in order to provoke transformation!

Dr. Tracey Veronica An anointed woman of God with a strong compassion.  God has blessed gifts which has afforded her the ability to be a Song Writer, Recording Artist, Radio Host, Counselor and an aspiring Designer. Dr. Tracey Veronica is looking to work with women and youths to help them reach their full potential by cultivating their own uniqueness, and encourages them to put faith with their works by exercising their God-given gifts, talents, skills and abilities, and by trusting God to guide their steps.

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