Hearts beat with Harmony

Please assist us in saving our baby’s life. She requires immediate surgery which is not offered in Jamaica and the hospitals abroad that are able to offer care charge very high fees; in addition she will have to be air ambulanced. We are in need of help in lifting these financial burdens so that Harmony can get the needed help as soon as possible.

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It was a happy pregnancy for Michaelia Morris who had no complications during the 9 months she carried Harmony Isabel Wong. Shortly after her normal delivery on July 16, 2023 it was noted that Harmony was breathing a little too fast. She received oxygen and was placed in her mothers arms shortly after.She was later sent home to start life with her family. On the 20th of July she returned to the hospital where it was discovered that she has a heart defect, further investigations from a cardiology specialist determined that she has hypoplastic left heart syndrome which is a congenital heart defect. She is in need of immediate surgery which is not offered in Jamaica and needs to travel abroad for help. Please help save Harmony’s life by donating towards this cause and by sharing the link enabling others to contribute. Every dollar counts.

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