Top 25 IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

I frequently wrote complex queries to retrieve specific information from databases, identify discrepancies, and update records as needed. This skill proved invaluable when assisting clients with data integrity issues or helping them optimize their database performance. As for macOS, I have supported users on this platform both professionally and personally. While not as extensively experienced as with Windows, I am comfortable navigating the system, resolving common issues, and providing guidance to users on best practices. To prepare for a career in IT, try Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate. Try to prepare several stories of successes and learning moments that you can pull on for a variety of questions.

help desk engineer interview questions

During the planning phase, I identified the target audience and their needs to ensure that the documentation would be relevant and user-friendly. This helped me determine the appropriate level of detail and complexity for the content. Next, we referred to our disaster recovery plan, which help desk engineer outlined the procedures for restoring data from backups. We located the most recent backup available and verified its integrity before proceeding with the restoration process. An interviewer will likely ask general questions to assess your interest in the job and your capabilities.

Help desk engineer vs. Information engineer

On the other hand, EXE files require two files for installation and uninstallation. MSI prompts users to uninstall the existing software first before installing the new one, whereas EXE can detect the existing software version and give users the option to uninstall it. An ‘A’ record, also known as a host record, is used to map a domain name to an IP address.

help desk engineer interview questions

A pop-up will appear, allowing you to add users and grant them Read, Write, Execute, or Full permissions. RAS is an industry-standard remote connection method that is meant for small networks, while VPN is designed for medium and large-sized networks. RAS can be expensive, unstable, and difficult to deal with, while VPN is extremely economical, stable, and hassle-free to deal with. Incremental backups only back up data that has changed since the last backup, while differential backups select only files that have changed since the previous backup. Incremental backups back up the changed data corresponding to each file, whereas differential backups back up the entire changed file.

How you deal with a customer who is on the phone and refuses to calm down?

Interviewers ask this question to gauge your proficiency in these languages and to understand how you’ve utilized them in the past. They want to ensure that you have the technical skills necessary to contribute effectively to the team and handle the challenges that come with the role. Your potential employer wants to know if you can balance technical skills with strong people skills. As a service desk engineer, your role involves not only resolving technical issues but also communicating effectively with users who might be frustrated or lack technical knowledge.

help desk engineer interview questions