Need Help Raising More Funds?

Using a crowdfunding site isn’t just about creating the campaign, you have to put in the work too.

How do people donate? How do they know where to go or to even read about your story?

Let’s go through a few tips that will push you a bit further with your campaign to receive more donations.

  • Lets See You!

Always let donors know who you are, things can go a lot further when they can see a real person needing the help and persons will feel more compelled to donate

  • What’s the Aim

We need to see a story. Why do you need to raise funds? What is the purpose and why should people donate? 

A compelling story will drive more persons to want to donate to your cause, but no one will donate if they don’t know why they need to donate

  • Who do you need to know

It is always good to have a realistic target. Honesty is very important with this venture and if you have a realistic goal with your story, that will be a jump start to raise even more.

  • Get it out!

Don’t ever be afraid to share your story. People have to know you need help before you can start getting help. Share the campaign on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even through your email! Videos too can be even more compelling than photographs. So do as much as you can for your story to be heard

Many persons have the heart for giving, so share the story so they can have the reason to give. Some charities or public figures can be reached out too to have them promote your campaign to the wider public if your reach isn’t far enough.

  • Updates!

Always keep supporters and donors up to date with your campaign. Don’t just leave it at sharing. Let people know how the fundraising is going. Let them know the progress that the help awarded you with. Maybe they will want to give even more!

  • Be Encouraged

Help others to be aware of online fundraising too. Encourage your friends to donate to your cause and let them invite their friends too. You would be surprised at how far this can take you and your cause.

  • It doesn’t have to be over

Many times people receive donations even after they have reached their goal! It’s all about how you promote it and how often you keep your supporters updated.

Go Ahead and Raise Some Funds!

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