Yvonne Ewers’ lymphoma cancer treatment

Yvonne was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer after experiencing a toothache.  She has been undergoing chemo but unsuccessfully and as such is in need of further treatment that can be provided at a hospital in Texas bit at a cost of $51,000 usd.  We are seeking assistance to aid with this need. 

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Yvonne was diagnosed in June 2020 after experiencing pain in her gums, which she initially thought was just another toothache but after she removed her tooth and the pain did not subside, she knew something was wrong. It was diagnosed as a sign of lymphoma, that is cancer of the lymphatic system which is apart of the body germ fighting network. 

Three weeks after the first sign, the left side of her. forehead started swelling rapidly, now one year and three months later the cancer has disfigured her face with a weighty tumour. It’s a kind of cancer which makes tissue grow in her face hence her face constantly swells and everyday it pain her she cannot eat properly.

 She started chemotherapy in July 2020 but it has not helped her, A cancer hospital in Houston Texas would like to accommodate her to get the treatment she needs,but this is at a cost of $51000 US dollars

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