We need Help to build a Home

We are asking for your help to assist a family of five with building supplies to build a comfortable home.

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, Jamaica

We are seeking your help to build a Home. We are poor, I honestly don’t like that word, it always made me feel less than but that’s the reality we are less than and I need to come to terms with that. Also, our living conditions are deplorable. The condition of our current home is broken down and it is worse than when we just moved in and we are currently paying rent to live in this condition. We have three kids and we desire better for them so as such so, we search for affordable land to lease,  After months of searching our family member kindly offers a spot on her land. Now we need help in buying supplies to build a comfortable home for our family. With the inflation and low income and High employment rate, everything is expensive on our part even food, But we are grateful because things could be worse.

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