The McGregor Gully Community Center Project

The Community is in dire need of an infrastructure like this to act as an area and space to which we can positively impact the lives of the young people within this community.

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McGregor Gully, Jamaica

The Youths of McGregor Gully and it’s surroundings is in need of a safe space, a space to play, a space to learn, a space to grow. The initiative to rebuild and refurbish the McGregor Gully community Center seeks to provide this and much more. But we need your help. To achieve such an initiative a substantial amount of money and investments are needed. We would very much appreciate your donation to our noble cause no matter how small it maybe to make this project become a reality. You would be contributing to a very powerful cause, that of positively impacting and improving the lives of the Youths of the McGregor Gully Community!

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Anonymous $54.75 March 06, 2021
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