single mother and young baby seek help

Please  help me  buy pamper wipes and a crib for my baby boy.

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, Jamaica

Hi, my name is Sashane, and I am fundraising to take care of my 2-month-old son. I am unemployed and live alone; my baby-daddy loves to drink and party, so he left us; his family doesn’t care about our son or me either; my mother left me when I was a baby because she didn’t have any money, and my grandma left my mother when she was very young for the same reason, I will NEVER leave my son.
My great-grandmother and father raised me. They were angels but very old and died when I was a teen. It’s been a fight for me ever since.

I only have rice to eat, and my son breastfeeds, but diapers and wipes are done. I have no crib or car seat I don’t even have money to pay for a taxi if my son gets sick. If I could buy a breast pump and hire a babysitter, I could look for a job and help myself out. Please help me in any way you can. My son’s life and health depend on it.

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