“Sex and the Christian” Conference for June 24, 2023

This conference is being convened to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which sexual bondage exists in our society and particularly among the Body of Christ – the Church.
  • Breaking the “silence” in the Body of Christ on this subject matter by openly discussing a topic which has been quite a taboo in our churches, but which causes untold torment, guilt, shame and frustration for persons, even as they seek to get on with the business of living.
  • Giving a voice to persons who have questions, struggles, guilt, shame, inferiority complex, etc.
  • Providing a “safe space” in which persons may find acceptance and may choose to open up about their painful experiences
  • Pointing persons to relevant resource personnel/organizations where they might find help
  • Praying with and offering comfort and support to persons thus affected.


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, Jamaica

My name is Minister Lorna Chambers from Kingdom Perspectives. First of all, let me congratulate you on the great work that you are doing. My organization, in association with Global Outreach and Empowerment Ministries (which is my non-profit organization) and Foundation Gospel Ministry of Christ Outreach will be hosting a Conference titled “Sex and the Christian”, on Saturday, June 24, 202, at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education. Portland, Jamaica. This conference will cater to persons who have been sexually abused by any means – rape, childhood sexual abuse/molestation, incest or any other form of sexual violation. We will also be expanding the conference to include persons who have had multiple sexual partners, (sexual soul ties) and/or persons who have been spiritually violated in their sleep/dreams by spirit spouses. The conference aims to help persons to heal from the deep wounds/scars left by these encounters; to help them recover from the emotional roller coasters associated with any of the above and to regain their sense of self worth, dignity and empowerment. This conference will bring together resource persons such as Victim Support Unit, Psychiarists, Legal Aid, and various other concerned groups. The Conference will be held from a Christian perspective, so there will be presenters on various topics and survivors who will share their experiences and their road to healing. Tere will be prayer, break-out sessions and a panel discussion. We are seeking for funding to put on what we hope to be the first in a series onf conference of this kind which we would like to bring across Jamaica. Thank you RHH for your help. May God bless you all.

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