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Divine Allure Salon and Spa, LLC is a full-service salon and spa dedicated to delivering exceptional service, premium quality products, and serene environment.

Our focus is to provide educational services and classes that highlight all textures and skin types, create systems and developments that cultivate a more personal experience for clients and provide intensive training for staff that supports educational, financial and professional growth. 


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Hello everyone! I am fundraising for the startup of my business.
The story behind my business…
I have been in the beauty industry for over 19+ years. Over the years, I have always had a passion for the beauty industry. I love assisting and creating looks that will embraces their natural beauty. My passion would always lead me to create and develop organizations or businesses that would bring awareness or create opportunities for my community.  It has always been my focus to educate and empower the community with innovation in the beauty industry to help bridge the gap.

Within the past 4 years, I noticed how divided the beauty industry has become. I found it common for us as people to only be serviced by someone of the same culture, due to familiarity. And it is also common and safe for a professional to work in a salon that looks familiar to their background, culture, or lifestyle. Because of this I found purpose in becoming a multicultural hairstylist. I have been a multicultural hair stylist within the last 3 years. The beauty of stepping out of my comfort zone was that it stretched me to learn ALL textures. This allowed me to become stronger and confident in servicing all clients based on their hair types and textures.

I have been presented an opportunity to take lead over a salon and spa. It is my desire to build and start something that matters. My plan is to start a salon and spa that caters to all races, genders, and ages. I plan to provide education and support to my entire team to be confident in serving anyone who walks through our salon doors. It’s my focus to build community and create a space where people can feel loved, valued, and appreciated no matter their skin color or background. The experience that I have gained within these last couple of years have set a foundation to expansion.  I believe that my business startup will bring change to the community and provide the support that the industry has been seeking for quite some time now.

If you would love to partner with me for this amazing opportunity, please feel free to sow a seed below. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance
-Alia Freeman

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