Rooted in Jamaica: Empowering the Diaspora with our Black Castor Oil Brand

A small company seeking the support of the Jamaican Diaspora to develop our Jamaican Black Castor Oil brand. We highlight the importance of preserving cultural heritage and offer an organic, cold-pressed product that can positively impact hair, skin, and well-being. The company is asking for investment to expand production, develop new products, and create economic opportunities for the Jamaican community. We believe in the power of our product and the strength of the Jamaican Diaspora to bring the benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to a wider audience.

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We are raising funds for:

  1. Sourcing: We are partnering with Jamaican farmers cultivating castor beans and sourcing plant materials to cultivate over 300 acres of castor beans as part of our promise of guaranteed supply.
  2. Processing: We are in talks for a processing partnership until we can procure our own screw oil press for which we have already been invoiced by our Chinese supplier. This major local processor has assured us of their capacity to provide above the required amounts of cold-pressed castor oil and whenever necessary, coconut oil.
  3. Marketing and distribution: We have partnered with both a local marketing firm and significant members and store owners in the Diaspora with a view to matching the supply with an equally accessible demand.  Customers who are looking to purchase directly from us can do so on our very own e-commerce website, https://joanmillerorganics.com or Amazon.
  4. Product development: In addition to producing and selling Jamaican black castor oil, we are also seeking to develop and market complementary hair and skincare products as well as new and innovative ways to use and distribute said products. In particular, the age-old medical and medicinal uses for castor oil are to be further developed and encouraged.
  5. Social responsibility: Our Breast Cancer Outreach program seeks to promote and offer safe all-natural treatment options for conditions around lumps in the breasts, fibroids, masses, etc. for all women and girls desirous of exploring these healthier options and give as many verified medical information concerning safer ways to treat with cancer and similar health conditions.




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