Romario Needs Help with Medical Bills

The pictures below with his face covered, that is how he travels each time I take him to the doctor, hospital or to do blood works. He also wears a mask over his eyes in addition to the sunglasses.

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Jamaica, Jamaica

Romario Harrison 25 years of age, a past student of Kingston College has had sinus conditions for years now. However, the situation got worse in October of 2020. He was asked to see an eye specialist because what he was experiencing he needed to see the eye specialist. Symptoms are sensitivity the light, sound, and touch. We made countless visits to the eye doctor and things just got worst, additional symptoms, numbness in the face, numbness most times in the left side of his body and cramps, weakness, and unable to stand for any long period of time. The eye doctor said it might be photophobia, got medications no change. Went to another doctor at one of the hospitals CT scan was ordered, the machine wasn’t working, he could not stand the pain so we went to another doctor before the machine was up. He was ordered to do an MRI this time. Based on what the MRI showed Inflammatory Sinonasal Disease, got medications still no change. He did a blood test only to show that it might be a case of Polycythemia.

Doctors still not sure yet. He is scheduled for more blood tests, plus appointments to see an ENT specialist a   Neurologist, and a Hematologist if the need arises which I am hoping for the best. Just help us pray for my son. I know God is able. He stays in the darkroom most times. These are just some details of what is happening. I am not able to work, I stay home 98% of the time to look after him. It’s just stressing seeing him like this and still not sure what is the cause. Thank you all for your help. I will give an update on his progress.

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