Redemption: A second chance

My dream is to start a car club for the average person as well as the car enthusiast who sees their vehicle as an extension of themselves.   I always wanted a cool car like my dad’s and I believe that given the opportunity to receive the career training and necessary technical skillset from Lincoln Tech I can very well build one myself and my future as well.

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, Jamaica

My name is Andre Veron Brown & I am 36yrs old. I was born & raised in Jamaica which is where I currently reside. I started this campaign in an attempt to return to the United States of America so I can live a better life & be a respected, productive member of society. I intend on enrolling at the Lincoln Technical Institute’s automotive technician training program where I wish to obtain A.S.E certification to become an automotive technician. I am also attempting to obtain an H2B visa in order to work & save enough money to support my ambitions of becoming an automotive technician & entering the automotive industry. I have always dreamt of working in the automotive industry as I have developed a passion for the automobile ever since I was a child. My Father(R.I.P) was a truck driver & taxi operator. I guess that’s where I got my love for cars from. He was also a seasonal farm worker where he would travel to the United States to work in the cane fields. He was a hard-working man that loved people & has passed those characteristics down to me as an individual because I love being around & helping people as well. I come from a middle-class family. My mother does clerical work for a high school where she’s been for over 20 years now. She’s done her best to raise 2 sons & a daughter. I’m the middle child. I have an older brother & younger sister. Both are doing well for themselves. My brother works in the B.P.O industry, & my sister works overseas in France. She travels a lot & speaks fluent French. Most recently I worked on a goat farm up until November 2022. I’m registered with the rural agricultural development agency(RADA). I’ve worked there since 2020 at the start of the pandemic. I never thought I’d be in this line of work but I have to make the best of the circumstances I’ve brought upon myself. I was deported from Texas back in 2016. However, I am no criminal. I fell victim to my good nature as I am always willing to help others. I went to a seventh-day Adventist private prep school, & a reputable high school. I became very good at basketball in high school receiving a certificate of excellence in the sport, winning a national championship & being invited to join the national team. This is the reason why I went to the United States. I wanted to play college ball. I have an uncle that lives in Texas who told me he could get me into a division 1 school but that was not the case. After graduating high school I went to visit my uncle whom I later found out had other plans for my future in America. He wanted me to babysit his 1st child at the time who was a newborn. Even though I love my cousin, that was not on my agenda. My time as a visitor soon ran out & I was forced to make a decision. My uncle then arranged a marriage for me with someone from the ghetto which turned out to be the worst decision I made during my time in the U.S. Shortly after our marriage my wife at the time violated her felony probation & went right back to prison. I was not aware of her criminal background or else I definitely would not have made a union with her. By this time I’d had enough of my uncle’s poor decision-making on my behalf so I moved out of his house to handle my own affairs. This was particularly challenging for me because now I had to work & provide for myself while dealing with a disgruntled wife who got the short end of the stick on a deal that went sour. By this time the deal was off & my main focus was having a roof over my head. As life progressed I became very familiar with the American judicial system as I was in & out of jail for minor traffic offenses. I even did 6 months probation plus 100 hours of community service for a joint that was found in my possession on a routine traffic stop. My encounters with law enforcement did not stop there as what got me caught up with immigration & customs enforcement(I.C.E) was a cheque I cashed for a friend of mine. At the time I had an account with ace cheque cashing where I would cash all my payroll cheques from my employers. A “friend” of mine & I became roommates due to us working at the same establishment. After a few months, we started getting behind on rent until one day he asked me to cash a cheque so we could cover the rent we owed. Little did I know it was of fraudulent nature. 2 years later I was arrested & charged with fraud of a financial instrument which landed me in a Fort Worth county jail. After my time served I was handed over to I.C.E where I was placed on an ankle monitor an preped for deportation. Shortly after I turned myself in & was placed at the Johnson County correctional facility where I remained until I was deported back to Jamaica. My time in America spanned from 2003 – 2016. During that time I worked at several establishments namely:

– jack in the box

– popeyes

– the movie tavern

– discount tire co.

– billy bobs honky tonk

– cracker barell old country store

– jamaica gates caribbean cuisine

Plus a number of odd jobs here & there. I’m saying all this to be totally transparent as I have nothing to hide. I reach out to you humbled with the utmost sincerity. I am seeking your help in returning to the United States as I have no idea what my current immigration status is. I know all my credibility has gone out the window so I definitely need legal council from someone reputable. I know I’m not prefect but if you ask anyone that knows me or had met me during my tenure in the U.S they’ll say that I’m a good man. I treat people the way I’d like to be treated in every encounter because I believe in karma. Me being deported may have been the karma I deserve from my actions in the U.S but that doesn’t make me a bad person. The amount of the cheque I cashed was $585. I will never forget that as I have paid a great price with all that I have been through. Now that I have been back home for over over 5 years now I can definitely say I’ve learned my lesson. After seeing the contrast of societies & cultures I can definitely say it was an opportunity of a lifetime for me to live & work in the United States of America & I would do anything to be able have that opportunity once more. Everyone deserves a second chance & even though some may not get one I will most definitely try because I can appreciate being a lawful immigrant to the United States of America. Please consider me a promising prospect as I will do my best to make you proud.


Life is hard out here in Jamaica. I came back in 2016 with only $3usd & the shirt on my back. Luckily for me I have family that cares about me & my well being. My older brother gave me clothes to wear & I’ve been staying at my moms house(which I grew up in). Jobs are hard to come by as there isn’t much opportunity here in this country either. Utilizing my prior experience in America I got a job in the bpo industry working as a customer service rep for Amazon but that quickly became mundane as it wasn’t very fulfilling. 2 years went by then I decided to go into business for myself making castor oil which was very profitable until my neighbor started raising goats then I decided to help him in late 2019. I’ve been a goat farmer since then & don’t get me wrong I love these animals every single one of them but shoveling poop is not what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. I have a passion for cars & working in the automotive industry has always been my dream. I graduated from Manchester High while studying Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Caribbean History, Math, & English. I passed all 5 subjects but Mechanical Engineering was always my favorite because I liked the creative hands-on aspect of it. This also ties to my passion for cars as I’d rather be a Technician than a Mechanic. I’ve always been fascinated with engines, how they work, & making them more powerful & efficient. My favorite manufacturer is BMW. Favorite model is the E30 M3. Another reason I’m so excited about the BMW S.T.E.P program offered at Lincoln z Tech. I tried enrolling at the Grand Prairie camps while I was in Texas but some of the required documentation was a bit challenging for me to obtain so now that I’m in Jamaica I can definitely acquire all the necessary paperwork required for admission. All I am asking for is an opportunity to further my education & transition into being a U.S citizen/lawful permanent resident the right way. There’s nothing I want more than to make my mother proud by being a productive, outstanding member of society doing what I love to help the community. I see Lincoln Tech as the gateway to the life of my dreams & if there is anything anyone who reads this can do to make that a reality for me I pray that you may consider helping me.

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