Raising Funds for a Kidney Transplant For Calbert!

Calbert Chang, known affectionately as Carl, is facing a critical situation as he battles end-stage renal disease, leaving both of his kidneys non-functional. Unfortunately, there are no living donors accessible in Jamaica, but we are actively pursuing the possibility of finding a deceased kidney donor in Trinidad to aid him in his struggle. In the provided photo, we see him enduring one of his many dialysis sessions, with each costing more than 15,000 Jamaican dollars. Despite the challenges, Carl remarkably maintains his determination and independence, driving himself to and from work three times a week. His resilience and tenacity are truly awe-inspiring, but he longs for a return to a normal, healthy life. Your support could make a significant difference in his journey toward recovery.

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Dear Reader,

You are here. That’s wonderful. Calbert Chang, also known as Carl needs a kidney. He has End Stage Renal Disease. None of his kidneys work at all and there are no living donors available here in Jamaica but we are hoping to get him a deceased kidney donor in Trinidad.

This is where you can assist. The hospital fees, surgery and overall care to make this happen costs millions of Jamaican dollars. We are here to raise a minimum 50,000USD to assist with flights, consultations and transplant costs. This sum is just a half of the total of what he needs , can you help? Our family has told Carl that no matter how small your contribution, it will be impactful and literally will save his life.

He says thank you!

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