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With this help I would be boosting my furniture from 10 projects a month to 30 a month. I intend to focus on projects that are high in demand with the most return. All is my projects are over 100% return on what the materials cost. Customer loyalty is what my strong point would be where every three months I would have a 30% sale and a customer membership card that gives customer a small percentage discount for a period of time.

  Three years after I would then seek growth and employing staff and focusing more on contracts from hotels and guest accommodation owners. As a extra form of income I also want to ad to the table bath enclosures and fabrication of gates and fences that are modern. 

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, Trinidad and Tobago

I am a young Entrepreneur that is seeking a $40000.00 to grow my business. I have been self employed for 3 years growing a small network also gaining sales through social media platforms. My main platform I use is Instagram my account name is Builderz_tt .My business is registered, I have my bank statements and receipts to show my cash flow. I currently invested in some basic tools that gets the job done. However I would like to properly invest in constructing a shop also purchasing a variety of equipment that can boost my productivity which will boost sales. I am asking that with this investment donors would be able to receive their investment back with interest or get a product from my business withing the same value of investment. 

I thank you in advance for the assistance in anyway. Looking forward to new business with you. 


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