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Our Organization’s name is Rural physically Handicapped Centre For Rehabilitation is a non-profit Organization. Our organization services to poor disabled people self-employment program and skill development program in rural and remote area. A lot of poor disabled people facing many problems in rural areas. Please help our Organization with your generous donations.

Poor disabled people self-employment program and skill development program

by Shankar Reddy Jampala

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Shankar Reddy Jampala

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Sir in the village areas most of the poor disabled people suffering with lot of problems. Due to their disability their organs are not co-operate to work for their livelihood.our organization help to such person according to their provides self-employment as cattle sheds.growwing sheep.tailoring shops .computer shops & petty banks are come forward to give loans to the poor disabled people for their investments
Through our Organization in the villages area decided to establish self-employment to the poor handicapped persons according to their eligibility by providing cow growing. Sheep growing. establishment of Tailoring Shops. Computer centers.petty shops & xerox shops. For this program our Organization appointed 12 community coordinators.
 Through them open bank accounts in the names of disable persons with Rs 10000/-to each person by the organization for cow growing.sheep growing .petty Shops. Xerox shops. Tailoring shop & computer shops. And convincing the nearby village bank maneger to issue Rs 50000/-sanction letter for the establishment of above purpose send the proposal to the government for the subsidy of Rs 50000/-through the M.D.O office the government grant Rs 50000/-and bank issuer Rs 50000/-loan .the total amount of Rs110000/-goes to the Account of every handicapped persons.the amount of Rs 10000 issued by the organization and the subsidy of Rs 50000/-are not repayable. Only the bank loan of Rs 50000/-has to pay by the borrowed person as monthly dues.please help our Organization donation sir .our organization 12A .80G income tax certificate have it
Thanking you sir
Rural physically handicapped centre for Rehabilitation


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