Mobile Barber Business Seeking Start-Up Assistance

Thanks for your acceptance. I am Dale your young entrepreneur in Jamaica with an amazing solution to our current Covid-19 issues and the implication it has on our economy and our usual way of life in the beauty and grooming industry.
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Thanks for your acceptance. I am Dale your young entrepreneur in Jamaica with an amazing solution to our current Covid-19 issues and the implication it has on our economy and our usual way of life in the beauty and grooming industry.
I am also a licensed and certified barber by Heart Trust NTA with over 10 years of ground experience in this field during which I am always mindful of the needs and demands of clients on a daily basis and I have noticed some underline issues that prevent us as skilled workers to satisfy all our clients from anywhere they are at any time without unnoticed calls and irregular schedules that left our clients unsatisfied and sometimes impatient.
Thus the Mobile Klipazz Embassy innovation was born. We are a mobile Beauty and grooming service provider under Sole Propieritorship serving clients at their home or office locations. We operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily at six days weekly including weekends with special arrangements available for functions and weddings. We help organized productive professional businessmen and women to maintain a refined image by providing a mobile luxurious convenient Beauty experience on demand. We deliver within a 24-hour appointment schedule with 24/7 online access to choose from our services arriving on location with a fully equipped customized unit.
So how do we make money, you asked?
We generate our income by-product sales, appointments, and services. Each satisfied customer is expected to be charged 20 USD per basic bookings with the exception of special functions or wedding arrangements. 50% is expected to be paid by card or other electronic options and the other remaining balance it’s paid upon completion of services.

This trend has dated as far as in ancient Egypt and made its impact influence on the health and way of life of Kings, Queens and great men of statues from Grease, Rome and the cause of the great victory for the Persians (who had no beards) war against the Macedonians with their long beards, as a result, it has marked the military facial appearance we see today performed by men with Great skills of the razor once called Barber surgeons, stylist, therapist or chief surgeons. They set the platform for high fashion standards for only men of great achievements in those days were exposed to such unique skills of services which become the standard of expectations throughout the world. Today Barbers consist of both males and females again occupying an important niche in society as of old, cutting and styling hair to meet the demands of the public. The Barbers and stylist today is still viewed by many as the social Community place where one can talk freely about anything. Same to see of today’s society still looks at The Barbers and stylist as their closest friends and therapist after their visit they feel refreshed and new again.
Another important factor is the economic benefits. Barbershops or salons compete primarily through price, location as well as their Target demographic Market. Hair salons or barbershops rely on 5 to 50% of their revenue from care product sales and the remaining 85 to 95% to Direct Applied services. The industry is known to be resistant to economic downturns even during the Great Recession of 2008 and also in our current Covid-19 emergencies, though consumers tend to be more price-conscious they never stop spending. In today’s environment of rising capita incomes, the beauty business is Booming. From 2015 to 2018 the industry generated over 67.2 billion US dollars which are current up until this day.
So what other supporting reasons do we have to prove these services are actually needed?
This nature of business has a high chance of success mainly because our business will focus on two key services which are hair Care and skincare. These provide the largest bulk of the sector Revenue. Bass under review 75% of clients not using skin care products because they never could find the time or not sure what products to use. It is proven by research that products or services offered by their Barber or stylist there is a 55% chance of them accepting. Our warm climatic conditions, irregular eating habits, poor work conditions among other bad lifestyle practices may result in poor skin and hair appearances, Covid-19 dilemma with less time to do things, and the need to maintain a professional image and social distances all at the same time can be very overwhelming. Our Superior customer friendly and easily accessible services to reach them just where they are will have a significant influence on revenue and better position us for our 5-year projection.

By now I know you may be wondering why do I even do this? Barbering and hairdressing are the largest sectors to offer employment in the beauty industry. 10 to 50% expected growth based on recent research.
So what makes us stand out and unique in the services we provide? we are experienced killed professionals creating a brand new cultural standard uniquely first in Jamaica history to offer beauty and grooming services at clients homes, offices, or any choice of location with a fully customized equipped mobile barber and beauty salon unit with experienced skilled and certified staff members. We currently operated as a mobile online base business which makes it easy to communicate with staff and clients swiftly automatically through smart software engines. So to 1, eradicate unnecessary delays, 2 to provide faster and efficient Service delivery with limited mistakes 3, it doesn’t cost the client long travel expenses and answer calls or hidden fees for making an appointment to cancel appointments is free at the request of the customer 4, at the same time maintaining a high-level professional standard to be served in on exclusive luxurious environment from items of Furniture arrangement to every detail in tools and equipment use and 5, is specially designed to provide that personalized touch one on one experience to every client at the time and place of their choice. So where are we now as it relates to our accomplishment? We are currently registered with an active site that can accept pre-bookings from anywhere in the world. We have to be traveling via public transport which the ultimate goal is still yet to achieve and of course, this not possible without the proper capital need to fully customize the mobile unity. This mode of transport eat into the profits and take away the strength of the impact, as a result, we cant reach the clients we intended to demand the revenue this service really worth as well as public transport consumes a lot of time so we need a reliable mode of transport and the mobile unit would solve this problem tremendously plus act as a strong marketing tool to gain the public attention quickly. However, we are open to new innovative alternative ways to scale the business for growth like using bikes to build revenue and invest in the unit at a later date. The current cost to fully customize this unity is 8-9 million JMD or 50-6000 USD. But if you are unable to provide the large sum we accept your smallest offer even if it means purchasing our first bike for 130,000 JMD or 860 USD for our prototype service to reach our current customers. We do have a target of 6,000 USD or 899,000 JMD to purchase 6 bikes or 8-9,000000 JMD or 50-6000 USD to customize the mobile unit.
I must admit it is a big investment to make which is the reason for your help but given where the world economy is going this company will worth Millions if not billions of dollars in the not-so-far distance future. The great thing about this business model works anywhere in the world and monitors at any time from anywhere. No unnecessary reoccurring high utility and rental fees except for parking area for the vehicles as the business progress. To Give your sincere offer or if you like to talk more off the air, I would be more than happy to hear from you personally. Please give me a call @ 1 (876) 355-0208 or let me know if you would like for us to set up a zoom meeting sometime soon. Feel free to visit our website:https://mobileklipazzembassy.groovepages.com/mobileklipazzembassy/index
Thank you so much for believing!
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