Kaitlyns Birthday Wish

Help Kaitly get her birthday wish!
Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at age 3 and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgeries and subsequently suffered permanent hair loss.

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Help Kaitly get her birthday wish!

Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at age 3 and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and surgeries and subsequently suffered permanent hair loss. Kaitlyn had tumours in her brain and throughout her body including her legs, after developing a neuroblastoma in her stomach, and was given a 30% chance of survival.

She went on to have intensive treatment which included around 20 transfusions of blood and platelets and has been free from cancer ever since, I forever thank my Heavenly Father that she is alive and I am eternally grateful that my daughter was healed.

Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children. It develops from specialised nerve cells (neuroblasts) left behind from a baby’s development in the womb. It affects around 100 children each year in the UK and is most common in children under the age of five. Kaitlyn’s treatment included radiotherapy and very high dose of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.
Chemotherapy damages the body’s bone marrow, which is where blood is produced and results in low blood counts it kills hair follicles, cells in mouth and impacts the body.

Kaitlyn is so strong and is a fighter and many would not know the struggle she goes through emotionally, she is alive and i give thanks for that everyday!


This year for her 10 birthday! YES, double-digit!!!! 

As I sit trying to organise her birthday, I thought to myself, what would she like more than anything in the world?  

Many of you see this outgoing little girl who is fun-loving, friendly, loves everyone, loves to dress up, arts and crafts, and most things girlie.  
Kaitlyn tries to be brave, get on with life, and not let things get to her. However, this is not always the case; she cries many times and asks when her hair will grow back. As a mother, it hurts my heart, as I cannot bring myself to say to her, ‘your hair may never grow back”, as she’s so hopeful. She prays every night, asking for her hair to hurry and grow back. She often fantasises about hairstyles she will get to have when her hair grow back, if you ask her, what would you like me to pray for you? Her answer is always the same, “for my hair to grow back.” 

When she gets like this, it hurts my heart, and I cry. 

I cry because I know she’s hurting, but she gets up every day and carries on and makes the best of everything and takes part in everything; even though sometimes her wig falls off, she gets up, put it back on and carries on. I cry because I know how much she’s hurting, but I do not want to seem ungrateful because I am so great full she’s alive, and I know many mothers have lost their babies. 

So I thank the Heavenly Father every day for her life, even if her hair was the sacrifice. Feeling her little heart beating is the most amazing thing on earth, and I would give up her hair several times over if it meant her being alive.  

In December, I took her to the London hair clinic, as they build customise wigs that can be fitted on her head and made to look like her own hair (Afro). This means she can go swimming, do gymnastics, comb her own hair and have styles like any little girl her age would have. These afro style hair’s are made to fit and customised to be as realistic as possible; feel free to visit the website to see what they do. 

London Hair Clinic 

If  you are wondering why I don’t have someone make one for her. I have tried this route and was given broken promises, which negatively impacted Kaitlyn. Also, the wigs on the market are significantly different from the ones I am trying to get her, all European style, straight hair and  weaves. The ones from the London clinic are made to be worn every day and built to last and look like real afro hair.  

So for her birthday, I would rather everyone donate whatever you can towards a wig so she can feel some sort of normality. 
So she can experience what every little girl gets to wake up to every day.

Please help to make my baby girls dream come through.  

Thank you and lots of love to you. 


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