Job Opportunity Outside the Caribbean

To raise money to buy a one-wat flight to Korea and have enough money for 1 month until I get my first paycheck

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, Trinidad and Tobago


I am a recent master’s graduate from a Korean university.

After graduation, I came back to my home country because of a family emergency. I am happy I cane back because it’s been 3 years since seeing them.

However, I have just received a great job offer in my field of study. I have accepted it but I feel stressed, scared and not confident.

Since I was a student on scholarship up until August, I have not saved much money. And the little that I saved I spent on my trip back home.

My country currently has no job prospects in my field and I have decided to go back to Korea.

The job in question wants me to start in December and have begun the visa process. They are giving me Key money for a deposit for an apartment. But they are not providing airfare assistance and I have to find my own apartment as well as pay for it. I am okay with doing do.

But I really do need help, with reaching to Korea and then maybe paying the first month’s rent.

I am thankful for any and evey donations received!! And to anyone that may want to know more about me please ask. If necessary I can even provide my LinkedIn.

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