Jennifer’s Kidney Removal Surgery

To everyone whose attention my request may reach, I am grateful to have been given your time. I have been a dialysis patient for the past six years due to polycystic kidney disease and my condition has worsened leaving me in severe pain. I have lost of some mobility and, as a result of all this, I am in need of surgery. The full description of the assistance I am seeking is in my campaign. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to use this platform to share my story and receive help. Thank you in advance and continue to be a blessing to everyone with whom you cross paths.

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, Jamaica

My name is Jennifer Stewart. In 2000 I was diagnosed with POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE. I had been attending clinic regularly and in 2015 I was told I had stage four kidney failure and would need start dialysis. I started treatments in August 2015. The cost of these treatments is Eleven Thousand (11,000) JMD per session and I need two sessions per week.

In February 2021, I notice that I started to become weaker and I begun losing weight rapidly. My abdomen became larger too. In March 2021, I did a scan which revealed that my kidneys were three times their normal size and were completely non-operational. The cysts on the kidneys are feeding on my body which makes them enlarge. I experience excruciating pain and discomfort during treatments and I’ve lost independence and some mobility. I need assistance to stand, get on and off the bed and go about other daily activities. I use a wheelchair and a walker to help me move around. My feet are swollen and I have severe back pain due to the size of my abdomen.

I was an early childhood teacher for the 37 years and due to ill health I had to retire early.

Doctors suggest that the best thing to do is a surgery to have the kidneys removed. The cost of my surgery is Five Hundred Thousand Jamaican Dollars ($500,000.00) and the down payment needed is Eighty Two Thousand Jamaican Dollars (82,000) JMD

I am looking forward to regaining strength and mobility. Your support and assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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