Helping Shennel Arjoon Beat Cancer

At age 22 Shennel Arjoon was dia

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, Trinidad and Tobago

The story began with great promise, and it encompasses the life of 22 year old Shenelle Arjoon from Mafeking Village Mayaro.

Shenelle was always a bright student and following the successful completion of her ordinary LEVEL STUDIES, she sligned up to pursue qualification to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

This is where tragedy reared its ugly head and while studying in 2017, Shenelle  fell very ill. After a battery of test, she was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Ewing Sarcoma , a rare and very aggressive cancer .

Since then, she has sought treatment including one year of chemotherapy at the St James Medical Complex as well as radiation treatment at the Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre.

Shenelle is championed by her hamily, especially her single mom, Sharon who has pursued every possible avenue to give her daughter a fighting chance.

Despite these efforts, the cancer has spread and right now she has several complications including severe pain and breathing difficulty.

Amid these challenges, however , Shanelle is being given a ray of hope.


She has the oppounitity to consult with a Sarcoma Specialist as part of the Cleveland Clinic’s Sarcoma Program in the United states.

This will intially envolve  assessment tests and the results will map the treatment regime nessassary to stem  the spread the of the cancer with the hope of sending it into remission.


There is only a narrow window to access this chance, but there are challenges to overcome including access to financies her trip. Shennelle must be present at the Cleveland Clinic by the end of August to access this life-this life changing oppounitity.


This is where you become part of Shenelle’s story- your generositity can give her the chance for a better future.

You can contribute by western union

Thank you in advance and knowthat yorure making an impact on Shennelles Life and writing your name in the pagese of her life

The goal of her trip is $40000usd

Western Unioun Details

Daniel Jaggernauth


Sands Persads Supermarket whol
3 Guayaguayare Road
Mayaro, South
Please use details on giving and fell free to watsapp me before giving


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