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Name Christian Meharris

Age 29

Located Trinidad and Tobago


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, Trinidad and Tobago

Hello dear reader my name is Christian and my story goes like this at a very young age I can’t really recall from when exactly but my family has always been struggling with life and I thought well with time things would get better but it never did I’m 28 years old right and even I continue to struggle I believe it’s a generational curse every good job I got interviewed at which could of helped me out a of this hole an ease the struggle it never worked out not one today I could have been doing better by now and I’ve reached a point where I don’t know what to do it’s like I does never know what I should do i feel like these walls closing in on me I have a family a 3 year old son and I need a better place to put my little family some advice would be highly appreciated 1868-495-6914

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