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I’m Keadian Russ, and I grew up in Jamaica before moving to the United States in 2015 to pursue my American dream.

Help Us Rent Our First Factory


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I’m Keadian Russ, and I grew up in Jamaica before moving to the United States in 2015 to pursue my American dream. It wasn’t easy being a black woman starting in the United States; I encountered racism and had a difficult time finding a well-paying job. I’ve worked as a maid, nanny, and waiter in a restaurant. I became the CEO of Klean n’jiffy cleaning services and products thanks to my never-ending hard work and determination to never give up.

My dream is to create generational wealth while also providing jobs in a welcoming environment, so I founded my company. My ambition is to mentor underprivileged children and give back to them. Growing up, my mother did much cleaning, and I’ve always said that I’d own a company that does excellent cleaning and treats employees well/fairly. I started my cleaning business in the fall of 2018, and I’m still working on it in late 2019.
Then the pandemic put a damper on things because of the social distance rule, and some of the few clients we had died as a result. But I refused to give up on my dream, so I had to pivot. I then began developing my cleaning product brand.


Our main goal and achievement in everything we do are to provide a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment for our clients. Individuals have suffered from diseases and bacteria attacks over the years as a result of their unsanitary environment. Our clients will enjoy a safe and healthy environment thanks to our cleaning products. Our regular customers will benefit from bonuses such as getting our products at a lower price. Cleaning products industry by improving people’s health and quality of life while also protecting our planet.


Our cleaning products are essential in our customers’ daily lives at home, school, and work. By safely and effectively removing soils, germs, and other contaminants, they help to keep people healthy by preventing the spread of infectious diseases and controlling allergens such as dust and mold. Cleaning supplies also allow us to take care of our homes and possessions. Our antibacterial cleaners in our household cleaning products remove dirt and soil and kill germs that can cause illness. It also helps to protect against seasonal flu outbreaks and foodborne illness outbreaks. Our products’ disinfectant properties rely on daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants, and other public facilities to keep the environment germ-free.


Therefore, I am seeking the public’s assistance to raise the funds needed to rent a factory space to store and sell our products. An estimated amount of $100,000 USD would help us greatly in offsetting the cost to afford our first rental space.

All contributions from ‘yawd’ and abroad would be really appreciated. Thank you!


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