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Today we are Featuring Farmer Steve in Westmoreland.. he already has a small working Farm..currently wishing to expand. Funds will be utilized to Fertilize and Improve the Soil, provide seeds and some additional Tools for 25 Westmoreland farmers

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, Jamaica

FOOD SECURITY is on Everyones mind these days… 100’s of Millions are currently Food Insecure and Millions are or will Starve… We have a Goal of assisting 25 Local Jamaican Farmers who are already Hard at Work and provide them with Financial Support as well as Establishing Best Practices for higher yielding Cash Crops. We also intend to Create a MarketPlace and Farmers Coop Exchange that will allow Our Group to thrive by Utilizing Barter and many other  arrangements that Maximise Cost Efficiency. We also intend to Help Farmers to Individually expand their Marketplace to local customers thru Social Media and a Farm to Table AgriFin-tech Model    

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