Help my mom who had a Stroke and need emergency care in the States.

Stroke it is an urgent disease since e we are in Haiti because of lack of material my mother is suffering, help us to pay my mother’s medical expenses so that we can continue with the treatments.It’s a whole family who cries since the day my mother got sick, my mum has two daughters me and my sister helps us.

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, Haiti

My mom had a stroke, in all major countries cerebral ischemia is an emergency but for us in Haiti since we don’t have adequate equipment we are forced to suffer, my mother had a stroke she is in a lot of pain cramp in her hemibody which does not let go she must do an MRI to see the ischemia but in Haiti the MRI only gives two sequences, a hospital in the States wants to help her urgently but we do not have any money to pay for the hospital, the days pass my mother is suffering day by day help us to pay for the hospital because we have already sent my mother’s files by internet they want to take charge of my mother’s case it’s because ‘he can do things for her that makes them agree to give us an appointment the files are ready only the money remains for us and if my mom takes too long she will reoffend she will have no chance of surviving help us I beg you.

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