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Massage, Nail Care and Facial

  • Swedish 
  • Hot Stone
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Deep tissue 
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, Jamaica
  • Hi, my name is Arianne Clarke. I am by qualifications a Nail technician and a Massage Therapist. I do baskets, wreaths and event decor, trying make ends meet. I wasn’t going to start a business without capital, so I had it in mind but not now, but someone decided to invest and I pay back after a year. So I found a place in November 2022, that was going to be rented if I didn’t pay my insurance plus my first and last months rent. So I did and then they changed their mind.

My money was already in it and I had already renovated most of the shop and then on December 6 2021 my dad passed away. So there was a delay and it ended up that I was behind on getting the place going because I ran out of funds. 

This is not me, I try to do everything that I can so I don’t end up needing to much help, but I have been paying rent from February and I am still not open.

I live in and my business place is at 25 1/2 Penwood road. I am trying to build myself, my daughter and my community. 

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