Help me let my children have a bathroom

  1. Help needed to buy 4 inch pipes to put down a toliet and materials to cover a pit so we can have somewhere to defecate
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, Jamaica

I am seeking assistance from the public to help me to put in a toliet i got kicked out with my partner and our two daughters we moved into an old house that the owners had died and nobody wanted to house because it needed some fixing up we moved in 4 months now and we have no bathroom we have an bathing area outside but we have no where to defecate its so hard to hear my baby say she wants to poop poo and i have nowhere to bring her because nobody is not allowing us to use there bathroom i have a toliet already but i need 4 inch pipes and other material to cover the pit like cement etc and to pay a plumper to put down the toliet please any little funds would be greatly appreciated and will put to good use


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