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Hello, my name is Natoya Cunningham, and I am Kadian Cornwall’s (relative) family member. My involvement in this is motivated by my desire to help her in any way I can because she is gravely ill. Practically, both her life and the life of her unborn child are at stake. Since she was just 14 years old, she has been battling diabetes for more than 20 years. She has undergone a number of procedures to improve her condition.

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Hello my name is Natoya Cunningham, I am a family member of Kadian Cornwall (cousin). The reason for my role with this is to seek any help and every assistance possible for her as she is seriously ill. Her life is practically on the line and the life of her unborn. She has been battling diabetes for over 20years as early as 14 years old. She has been through numerous surgeries to help her situation. Currently she has lost all her toes on her right foot. Still hasn’t fully healed. Other underlying issues came up as her eyes were affected and a surgery was done to correct one because she was unable to see at a period of time out of her left eye. Though not fully repaired but great progress was made and she has now been able to see again from the eye. Sometimes she even runs out of breath speaking and so we try to be a voice for her too. Her body was containing fluids as it surrounds her lungs.
She used to be a chef but her illness has crippled her efforts to work. She started selling a little popsicle and fudge to stay a float and her fiancée does what he can to work and provide. We (myself and a another cousin Kimesha Lewis) do what we can to help whenever we can. Sometimes, when possible other family members do a little mostly in the form of food. She lives with her her 6year old and her partner at Nugent Street, Spanish Town St. Catherine. Kadian is currently pregnant into her 2nd trimester. Unfortunately, this was something she tried to avoid because her first pregnancy was very difficult. Upon delivering her daughter an incorrect fix was done after receiving a spinal and C-section delivery. That was to her detriment as the doctors erred and she has been suffering gravely. She currently menstruate through her navel button rather than vaginally. She was told by the medical professionals that a permanent fix was to remover her womb through surgery. They advised that given that she was young in her 20s (late) at the time she was encouraged to have another so they could do what needs to be done with that area of her. Again, she avoided this situation (getting pregnant) because she didn’t want another mishap.
When she found out she was pregnant, it devastated her but believe it must be the fate of God. However, when she went to set the date for clinic at the Spanish Town General Hospital in the High Risk Clinic she was admitted. There she found out she has a heart condition. Her condition grew out of the ability for that hospital to help her, hence she was then transferred to the Jubillee Hospital in Kingston. There she did multiple tests and surgery and found out she has a blood clot in her heart and her kidneys are failing. As is it is now the pregnancy is being considered for termination but what tripled the depression is even if the baby is gone which will only ease the heart the situation, she can’t be helped being in Jamaica. The equipment is not on the island of Jamaica to do it. So they have recommended her to be airlifted to the United States of America for treatment. She was advised that her life and the baby stand a greater chance of survival there as they are also equipped to save the child should she be required to have the baby prematurely.
In a bid to save her life, doing the heart surgery and save the kidneys and the fetus she MUST go international. Unfortunately, she cannot travel commercial (as a regular passenger) she has to travel as a medical passenger in a medical aircraft because she is deemed medically unfit by the diagnosing doctor. This will cost USD 25, 000 just over JA 3 million dollars is just for travelling expenses the rest for medical bills. We are seeking every help possible for her to live and give the baby a fighting chance and finally get a Hysterectomy or a Salpingo-oophorectomy. You can call Kadian directly at 1876 2791479. Donations can also be made locally in Jamaica to her account at Nova Scotia # 549519.
Thanks for all the prayers, the support and every help she can get.
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