Help Gifted Mentally Ill Jamaican Creative Sean C. Harrison to realize his dreams and care for himself.

Sean C. Harrison has available for sale on amazon his self published books. Also he has music which he composed himself and sang as well as played. A gifted Creative, Sean C. Harrison exposes his talents mainly through the internet and is glad for the platforms he has been provided in the 21st Century. You can purchase his books at:


My music can be found on:


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, Jamaica

Ever since a boy, I have dreamed of becoming something great and everyone agreed that I was sure to get there someday. I started out with much promise with the gift of song which I used since the age of 3 years old to bless residents of my rural hometown of St. Thomas, Jamaica, singing virtually everywhere, my main supporter being my Mother Mrs. Patricia Harrison who pushed me to be of service by always finding outlets for my talents. Life was for the most part in the  home and community bittersweet as I look back. Never did I dream though, that the road ahead of me would have brought such pain and sorrow, as many times thereafter, I would have felt the hands of loss and grief beginning with poor health having been diagnosed aince infancy to date with over 41 disease conditions, some major and others less severe, as well as the death of a dear brother who would have passed violently when I was only 14 years old. These would have made it difficult to pursue my passions later on, as for example, my gift of song was compromised in adulthood  by the use of Antipsychotic Medicines as treatment for the most severe form of mental illness to date, which is Paranoid Schizophrenia. Other illnesses, to include: Glaucoma, Appendicitis, Pemhigus, Chickenpox, Migraines, Acute Gastrointestinal issues, laryngitis, tonsilitis, Hemmorhoids, Scabies, Gastric Reflux, weight loss, insomnia, would have made life for me a real challenge to say the least. When Shchizophrenia came along, it would have posed a serious threat to my survival and life that to this day are impacting upon me, which is why I make this appeal through the Real Helping Hands. Firstly, I had to resign my first job in banking at age 19 as the illness manifested initially at that age. I had also, to dropout of college later on, where I pursued a performance course, to seek employment in my hometown as medications I would have had to be taking to this day would have compromised my vocal abilities completely, crippling any dream of becoming someone great someday. Having had several nervous breakdowns through the years, it is a wonder I have survived to this day, as the features of the mental health challenge would have been a reality throughout my journey to date, as I have suffered hallucinations, delusions, morbid levels of fear and anxiety, thoughts of suicide, sleep disturbances and yes, stigma, discrimination, ridicule and physical as well as verbal abuse by others to include a close relative I raisd since infancy. This illness would have cost me my job of 10 years in the Jamaican health services as I would have had to resign following many abuses by management and floor staff alike. In addition to this, I would not have been permanently employed and appointed to my post which would have, up to now, forfeited any entitlement to a pension. So, I have no choice but to request contributions to help with my daily upkeep, no longer choosing to stay in the working world arising from being traumatised at how I had been treated there. As a result of my health, as well as situational challenges, I need further support in order to stay afloat, thereby lessening the burden of ekeing out an existence. I have embarked on efforts to empower myself and now have a presence onnet and on various social media platforms where I have freely disseminated my works. I as well have available a few self published books and music I had composed and performed. However, it has been many years now and no real income is being generated by the above stated endeavours. Help has to be solicited from those I believe are being benefitted from my work and influence. As I seek to continue to empower myself to be all I can, I genuinely need all the help I can get. Could you be so kind as to give to my cause? I am also actively involved in community life and sometimes give even out of my own need, to less fortunate residents. Having known what it is to be naked, destitute, cast out, rejected and hungry, my compassion for the mentally, physically challenged, and elderly fuels my efforts  to aid in whichever small way I can. Please, help me help others as well as help myself to survive this rocky road called life. I recall having asked of the workers at the local infirmary food when I was hungry and disenfranchised between the years 2013 and 2018. I had to beg on the streets. I had to borrow money from others. I have had to go to bed hungry, especially subsequent to my mother’s death from Cancer in the year 2015 who was a faithful provider. Admittedly and thankfully slowly things have been turning around, however, there is further to go. Now I turn to you to help. Please do all you can. Thank you kindly in advance.

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