Help for Barbara

Please assist Barbara with the completion of her home. 

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, Jamaica

This campaign was created on behalf of Zenna Clarke, commonly known as Barbara. Barbara is a 55-year-old woman who works as a domestic helper. During one of her daily duties, back in February 2020, she injured her back, leaving her with a chronic, painful spinal injury. The doctor recommended that she stays away from physically demanding work. This proved challenging for her because she relies heavily on the income from domestic work. She is also very hardworking, punctual, and does her duties to the best of her abilities. She is motivated to work because she aims at making her home conditions more livable. She lives in a one-room structure made of wood and zinc, devoid of running water and a bathroom facility. A number of individuals have offered and promised help but did not deliver. It is my hope that this campaign may assist her with the completion of a one-room concrete structure she started so that living can be more bearable for her. Any amount contributed will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you 

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