Help David with medicine, a prosthesis, or a prosthetic implant

In medicine, a prosthesis, or a prosthetic implant, is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part, which may be lost through trauma, disease, or a condition present at birth. Prostheses are intended to restore the normal functions of the missing body part.

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My name is simone hylton. I am researching possible sources of help for my spouse David Dinnal.  Prosthetics for both arms will cost approximately US$60,000.  The article below  will explain the circumstances to you.

2021 October

“Mother, who lost one son, celebrates the survival of another who was electrocuted

It’s October, but it feels like Christmas for Kitson Town, St Catherine resident, Denise Dinnal, who is celebrating the hospital release of her son, who was electrocuted on December 21, 2021.

Her second to last child, 21-year-old David Dinnal, was hospitalised up to October this year at the National Chest Hospital (NCH) in Kingston. He was transferred to the NCH earlier this year after months of treatment at the Kingston Public Hospital, where his colleagues had rushed him following his near-death experience.

David was electrocuted during an attempt to mount a billboard more than 20 feet above ground. One of his tools got entangled in the high-tension electric wire and the impact knocked him to the ground and resulted in him receiving third-degree burns.

When we got to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) and saw his co-workers crying, we knew his condition was very serious. The family was still mourning the death of  22-year-old son, who had succumbed to kidney disease last year.

“I can’t tell you how I survived. Is God himself keep me in faith,’’ she said as she reflected upon the first time she got to see David at the hospital.

She said she cried, but she was strengthened by her son’s pleas for her to pray for him instead.

“While they were pushing him up, I was in the elevator with him going on the ward. When I reach up on the ward, there were several doctors there. There was just this amazement because David was conscious, and they were saying that there was no way that this young man should be conscious, based on the nature of the burn,’’ she told Freedom Come Rain.

Denise credits her son’s survival to God and ‘’His grace and mercy’’. The doctors had predicted that he would experience organ damages, but she said that has not been the case. He has, however, lost both of his arms and will need a skin graft to address the burns.

The mother of five was unemployed during most of her son’s hospital stay, but she said God made provisions for her and her son’s spouse as they travelled to the hospital daily to visit him. She said that people would call or show up unannounced to give her money or provide other resources to assist with his medical care.

“This situation has caused me to pray often. I remember days I didn’t have a dime to go up to the hospital when he called me and said he needed pampers, because he had to be wearing pampers and I couldn’t find it, and I cried and I asked God, “Why me? I just bury a son, and here is another son in the hospital and I am not working; I don’t have anybody to turn to at this point”, and at that moment, I would get a call and somebody would say, ‘You know, I heard about your son’s situation. I have some pampers. You can come and collect,'” she said.

These persons included residents in her community, family members, and some church brethren who also prayed with her throughout the months of uncertainty.

Like his mother, David is celebrating. The young welder, who grew up in church, knows it could be months before he is fully recovered, but he is happy for life. Now he is looking forward to starting a new business.

‘’It feels like mi just a come from foreign,’’ (I’m just coming from overseas) he told Freedom Come Rain when asked how he felt to be back home after his near 10-month hospital stay. The Kitson Town resident was allowed to make short visits home while hospitalised, but this time, his stay is permanent.

He is currently in discussion with doctors at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre regarding getting fitted with prostheses. David is determined that the loss of his arms will not affect his ability to earn an income. He would like to establish a business that rents tools to those in the construction industry. His family has been assisting him to get around as he readjusts to living at home.

Both David and his mother are looking forward to spending Christmas together, something they missed out on last year. Although Dinnal managed to secure a job as an early childhood teacher in September, her son’s medical expenses have taken a financial toll. It will cost them $9 million for both prostheses. If you are led to assist the family, you can do so by making a donation.


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