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, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Baby Isabella is jut a few months old and needs urgent surgery to repair a cleft palate. With your help baby Isabella can be whole.

There is nothing like the joy of a new baby but for JnMarie Benn, the joy of Isabella’s birth soon became worry because baby Isabella was born with a debilitating cleft palate.

This makes it hard for baby Isabella to breathe, eat and sleep and also affects her appearance. Without your help she will have to continue to use a breathing and feeding tube and be disabled for the rest of her life.

Please help us get baby Isabella the life-saving surgery she needs for this condition by donating now. She needs the help urgently! Any amount helps.

Please send us your good wishes and prayers in addition to any donation you can make.

Also make sure to share this as widely as possible on your social media, via WhatsApp etc. Tell your friends that if they can spare just a few dollars, it can make a huge difference.

We appreciate you.

Doctors at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital say Isabella must be operated on as soon as possible in order for her to start breathing properly and for her to sleep properly. The surgery is scheduled to be done in June, when she will be old enough. We hope bye then to have enough money to afford it.

Please help us so that we can afford the surgery. We thank the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is giving us some assistance to meet the cost. Baby Isabella’s mommy Jn. Marie and daddy Josephat, will have to pay the majority of the money for her care. We hope you can help us do that.

More information on cleft lip and cleft palate:

Information and diagram of cleft palate from website

Cleft palate affects more than just appearance

  • https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/cleft-palate-cleft-lip.html
  • https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-conditions/mouth-and-jaw/cleft-lip-cleft-palate.html

Details of request

Baby’s name: Isabella Benn-Joseph

Baby’s bday: 5th December 2022

Parents names: JnMarie Benn and Josephat Joseph

Country of surgery: St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Hospital: Milton Cato Memorial Hospital

Surgery month: June 2023

Amount needed: US$8,000

Deadline: 10th may 2023

Thank you for donating, sharing, sending baby Isabella healing energy and praying for us.

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