Help Ashada Sabzali break another barrier and achieve her goal

Ashada Sabzali is a student at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Trinidad and Tobago.  She is attempting to pay her way through medical school.   The cost of her degree is approximately US$60,000.  Ashada tries to work part time and attend school.   However, this is not sustainable and adversely affects her health.  She is attempting to raise half of her tuition fee from odd jobs and small fundraisers, but needs help.

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, Trinidad and Tobago

Ashada Sabzali is a young student at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Trinidad and Tobago. Ashada is a warrior, who has gotten to where she is through hard work and persistence. From primary school, she was always an average student and never proud of her grades. She was always determined to do better however.  She attended Malabar Secondary and left with four grade threes and a grade two.   Not satisfied with her results she repeated.  She knew those grades would not get her into a school to do the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Exam (CAPE). With improved grades in Mathematics, English A, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology, including a distinction.  Ashada was accepted into Arima Central Secondary.  She was successful with CAPE also did Physics privately as it was not part of the subject group at the Malabar Secondary but was a requirement for Veterinary Medicine. On starting the Degree in Veterinary Medicine, Ashada found herself struggling with the course load which pushed her towards pursuing a degree at Main Campus to obtain a better foundation.   She obtained a Major in Biology and Minor in Biochemistry.  During her time at main campus, she was able to work every Christmas and Summer vacation to cover tuition.   She did that for four years to complete her degree. However, Ashada’s lifelong dream is to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She is still on that journey.  She paid for her first degree because at that time, the government financial assistance programme (GATE) only covered tuition for one degree and the veterinary degree is the second most expensive in the medical faculty.  Ashada knew she would not have been able to cover a five-year medical degree which costs approximately US$12,000 per year.   After four years of university and work Ashada finally graduated, but it was just the first.  She still had veterinary school ahead.  Her world changed drastically at that time.  Her father passed and her mother had limited income being a pensioner. Ashada pushed on and was re-admitted to complete the Veterinary degree in 2022.   However, over the years, the regulations for government financial assistance changed and holders of a degree cannot receive further funding.   Ashada is determined to finish her medical degree and become the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine she has dreamed of all her life.  With your help she can break another barrier.

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