“Fuel my Artistic Journey: Help me Raise Funds for a Car and Get Exclusive Art Rewards”

“Help me raise funds for a car through my art crowdfunding campaign. Exclusive rewards and behind-the-scenes access for supporters. Join the journey and make a difference.”

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, Jamaica

My name is Jermaine Davis and as an artist, my passion is creating and sharing my work with the world. But to do that, I need a reliable mode of transportation. I need to raise funds to buy a vehicle. That’s where you come in. By supporting my crowdfunding campaign, you’ll not only be helping me achieve my dream, but you’ll also be getting exclusive access to my artwork.

I am posting some of my art work in order to showcase what different levels of contributions will receive.

  1. $10 donation receives a hand made bracelet
  2. $25 donation receives a matching set
  3. $50  donation receives a 10 x 10 canvas painting
  4. $100 donation receives a 15 x 25 canvas painting or a small hand made hand bag as seen in the video
  5. $250 donation receives a 25 x 40 canvas painting or a large hand made hand bag and 3 painting lessons
  6.  $500 donation receives a 55 x 25 canvas painting and a small hand bag and 3 painting lessons

From behind-the-scenes footage of my process to exclusive discounts on my paintings, there are plenty of perks for supporters. Plus, for those who make larger contributions, I am offering some truly unique rewards such as a private painting lesson, a commissioned piece, or even a trip to my studio.

I understand that times are tough and everyone is facing their own challenges. That’s why I’ve set a flexible funding goal, meaning that even if we don’t reach our target, all funds raised will go towards getting me a car.

So please, take a look at my campaign, watch my video, share it with your friends, and consider supporting my campaign. Together, we can make this happen. Thank you!”

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