Fast Food Truck/ Burgers

I’m very confident that this will lead to success based on my ambition and feedback from the majority of my customers.

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, Saint Lucia

My name is Mervin Gatineau from the island of St Lucia, I’m 37 years of age father of a 7-year-old girl. I was married from 2016 to 2020 which is where my marriage didn’t survive the likes of covid and a few other issues combined. both me and my now separated wife worked on the cruise ship so we both became unemployed as soon as covid hit. I realized that the cruise industry would be down for some time so I improvised and did the unthinkable. So what was supposed to happen after a few more years of working and saving on the ship I decided to pursue it during covid as a last-minute resort with no savings to my name and about EC$600.00 / USD$224.00 Cash in my wallet at the time no establishments were hiring, cruise ships, hotels, and bars were all shut so I began cooking in my already existing… before I continue you must be saying but you worked on a cruise ship, why no savings? well, the thing is for the past 2 years + just before covid I was putting 90% of my salary into our dream home which is a concrete 3-bedroom house. I was putting that much in order for construction to be complete quickly and now it’s gone like the wind due to the fact that it was built on her family’s land and I don’t have the will to fight this in court, so I began cooking from my kitchen and words got out and I quickly became known by a fair number of customers. I started making money but the ridiculous weekly price increase of everything on any shelf makes it very hard to grow, after paying bills and sending money to my daughter it’s hardly anything left. my burgers have been said to be one of the best on the island some even say I’m the best period!. my food is indeed tasty by far and I’m very proud of myself, all these cooking skills came from my great grandmother who now resides at the Marian home, she taught me everything I know today and I thank her!. my food is so good that I want the entire country to experience a taste of something authentic and done from the heart, and the way forward is getting a mobile food truck, majority of the food trucks in st Lucia are permanently parked in one location I will be the difference and be available at events beaches parks, etc. I now have over 400 customers and counting. with a truck out there I’m sure to accumulate enough funds to go forward with the next necessary steps. my current location is a bit far off into the countryside in the north of St Lucia [Monchy/Gros Islet] so my customers are always pleading with me to get to the highway! I will attach a few pictures of what I currently offer!

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