Ex-Police Need Your Help for Medical Care & To Clear Debts

Hi I’m Dadrick Henry and I have served the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for over 30-years. However, I was dismissed in 2016 for an incident that occurred while I was in the line of duty. 

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Hi I’m Dadrick Henry and I have served the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for over 30-years. However, I was dismissed in 2016 for an incident that occurred while I was in the line of duty; the case was brought to the St. Andrew Parish Court in which I lost the local appeal, the Privy Council appeal is still pending. Having been dismissed, the Governor General recommended that I still acquire 75% of my pension, although the Police Service Commission, through their political networks, didn’t want me to get anything whatsoever; because it was on that basis (political connection), why I was dismissed instead of being reinstated and then retired as is the regulation.  


Due to my untimely dismissal, I have been overwhelmed with debts and due to my current serious medical state in which I have stage 5 prostate cancer, I am unable to acquire any meaningful employment to settle all my debts. I owed some money to the National People’s Co-operative Bank for loans which I had obtained from them while I was trying my hands at some pig and chicken rearing because of this whole thing regarding my tenure in the constabulary so I was trying to save my job and my pension. I even had to sell my dumb truck in order to pay legal fees but after the decision has been made to dismiss me instead of retire me, I had to pay the Police Credit Union for outstanding loans because borrowing these loans was the only way Police could survive back then. 

For the loan with the People’s Co-operative Bank, I could only pay a percentage of what I owe them so they turned over the remaining portion of my loan and interest to a collecting agency in May Pen.

As a result, this agency has decided to sue me for the outstanding amount which is approximately JMD 1.3 million dollars, in which I have been making small payments up to this month.

However, due to my medical condition of stage 5 prostate cancer (which was detected late), I was hospitalized in Atlanta for 10 days. I was recently discharged and is currently at home where I’m undergoing treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. This therefore means, I now have to attend an outpatient clinic and all of these medical and transportation expenses to the hospital for these various treatments and on different dates is making it very hard for me to come up with the remainder of the money to pay off this loan.

I am currently at a point where I even have offered up my house for sale to assist with these debts but I wouldn’t want to lose my house because that’s all I have left from all my years of service. Everything has dwindled down due to multiple payments of legal fees while fighting to save my job.

So I am using this platform to appeal to all those who know me and know of my good service to the public for all those years and also to the general public who can assist me (in whatever way) because every little thing adds up. This will aid in offsetting the loan amount owed to the bank as well as purchasing medications outside of the hospital, maintain my medical treatment and to assist with the cost for transportation. The estimated amount I would love to raise is 8000.00 USD.

I would appreciate the help very much, Thank you.

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