Every Mikkle Mek a Muckle!

We, the Every Mikkle Foundation, a 150 member youth based-youth led non-profit organization, serving since 2013, are on a mission to improve the lives of at-risk youth through valuable and impactful relationships, initiatives and events. This year, we are launching a campaign in order to fundraise for our annual events including: Phenomenal Females in March, Mikkle Masterclass in October, and our Every Mikkle Christmas Eve Fun Day in December.


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The Every Mikkle Foundation was established in 2013 by a group of young Jamaican students who wanted to make a difference in the world.

The desire to be apart of change was the driving force of our organization. From our first event in 2013until today, the desire has remained the same. The yearly addition of talented youth who have the same desire and drive for change keeps the fire burning and is the mikkle contributing to our “muckle.”

As our motto says, “Every child, every need, every mikkle”, we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to holistically serve children in need in sustainable ways, provide for them in every way necessary, and empower them to become the best versions of themselves possible, which will make the world the best version of itself possible.


Our vision is simply to see each child and/or youth fulfill his/her purpose.

  • We believe that by making ourselves available as a safe haven for them to nurture their talent is just a simple way of aiding in their personal development.
  • We believe that the smallest ripple “mikkle” can result in big waves “mek a mukkle.”
  • We aim to gather talented youths with the drive of helping others, seeing a better Jamaica and transforming the world.
  • We aim to create avenues of success for our volunteers and help them to act upon their desire to make a difference.
  • We aim to impact underprivileged children, youths and communities, and help them to understand who they are so they can strive for greater opportunities.
  • We aim to provide them with the necessary resources and help that they need to acquire a better life.
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