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I create bath, body and hair products I am trying to gain traction on the market but to do this I need to be able to meet a supply need.

At the moment making organic oils takes the entire day into late night and when I am finish there is barely a flask of oil from all the hard work and dedication. I use these oils to create organic products for hair and body, the ability to be able to create in bulk would make the process easier and also allow me to assist others while suppling and wider variety of persons with products and knowledge.

It is my intention to introduce more persons to wholesome organic products, to reduce the use of toxic, unhealthy products and have persons falling in love with themselves all over again while enjoying a soft healthy routine for their hair, bath and body.


I want to say a big thank you in advance to all who donated and also offer discounts and the opportunity to be the first persons to receive updates about sales, promotions and new products etc availability.

Equipment assistant for a single mom trying to make ends meet

by Nessa

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This crowdfunding was created to assist a single mom whose son got accepted into college and to be able to afford to assist him with University, she needs help to be able to create products to sell on the market; which would also allow her to be able to assist others by paying the generosity forward.

As a mom, I am passionate about helping others, especially children and this has led me to start a non-profit organization aimed at training and making ready youths. This equipment would fall into this aim by providing the tools to teach and educate others to how to make and market their own products, thus making there life and growth more sustainable.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $20.00 September 11, 2023
Ingrid Burrows $20.00 August 26, 2023


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